The President’s Message

The foundations of Fuzul Holding were laid exactly 30 years ago in Fatih, Istanbul. We have progressed with determination and faith on the path we believed in with my colleagues and family, who share my ideals, loved to work and produce, and never compromised on honesty regardless of the circumstances.

We have grown and developed by always dreaming of better and newer without compromising the values that make us who we are, based on the principles of reliability, accuracy and hard work. We have kept customer satisfaction above all else as a requirement of our company culture. We believe in the importance of economic growth and profitability. We are open to change. We have maintained our faith and enthusiasm to be the best in the industry we represent. We have adopted the principle of superior business ethics and honesty. We have never compromised with our human resources, which is our most important capital. We have managed to establish resources for continuous improvement.

We have grown, developed, and come to the present status with this faith and these values. I would like to thank our dear colleagues, business partners and stakeholders, who have accompanied and supported us with their contributions and esteem throughout our journey. We will continue to serve our country and society with this understanding as long as we exist.


Chairman of the Board of Fuzul Holding

Mahmut Akbal

Başkanın Mesajı